Monday, July 25, 2011

Slowly winding down

The last few days have been very slow and easy. Friday we went to Keoje Island where we saw a windmill, some goats, and went to the largest shipbuilding place in the world. Of course, we couldn't look at anything because it's only for those who buy a ship. We definitely can't buy one, because the "cheapest" one is $100,000,000. You also couldn't take any pictures, besides this one little spot, where you could barely see anything through the trees. After that we went to the POW Camp, which was kind of weird, because everything was pretty much fake. Basically, there are no remains of the actual camp, so it's filed with props so you can imagine what it was like. We left and headed for our house, which was hard to get to, and we turned around twice. The house was amazing; it was right on the water, and it was huge! We had a barbecue party for dinner, and let's just say everyone else wasn't feeling too well the next morning. Well, I felt pretty good; although I didn't sleep well, and there was no running water, electricity, or food when I woke up. We went on a ferry to one of the islands, which was nice. When we left, we headed back and I spent the rest of the night relaxing. Sunday a group of us went to Haeundae Beach to the largest department store in the world. It was nothin' special to me; I hate looking at a load of stuff that's extremely overpriced. After that, we went to Nampodong and had some street food, which was so, so good. Today we had class and went to Tejongdae, which has a really nice view of the ocean. We just got back a couple hours ago, and I plan on spending my time relaxing until tomorrow morning.

For those who are interested, I'm going to post all of my pictures from this trip on facebook. 


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