Monday, July 11, 2011

Guess who's been super busy?

Wow, this took a longer time than I thought it would, but without further ado, I will catch everyone up on the past week. I've been running around for a week now, and I'm so exhausted; hence the late response. So, I'm going to try to make this as short as possible through a recap.


We started off the week on the fourth of July, which obviously, isn't celebrated here. Luckily, we didn't have class; we had a brief orientation, which was followed by a special lunch in the teachers' cafeteria. Yes, there is a seperate cafeteria for them; there's actually a different one in each building, and we were told it had the best food. After lunch we toured all THREE Dong-A campuses. Let me just say, I am very glad that the school has a bus, because each campus is not within walking distance, and it was very hot. While we were at the third campus, we got to see the museum, which reminded me a lot of what we saw at the museum in Seoul. After we saw all of the exhibits, we got to put stamps on postcards while we waited to leave. Next we went to Lotte Mart, which is basically the same as EMART, where we bought some more groceries. We had dinner at a place called Centum Buffet. It was really good, and I was so psyched about getting to eat there. Each one of us had to introduce ourselves to the group, which was funny, and we were given fans as a gift. After that, we started brainstorming for our storytelling assignment, which is one of three missions we have to complete. Basically, we had to come up with activities for an elementary school class.

*This is actually Allie's fan. My fan is actually green, and is MIA at the moment.


This was the first day we actually had Korean language class, and man was it intense! We were given workbooks and we started to learn the twenty four characters, which were really hard at first. Now, a week later, we are able to read parts of signs, which is cool.

After we studied Korean for three hours, we had lunch and went to make pottery in Miryang. I took pictures on the way because the road was lined with tons of mountains.

Our pottery class was about an hour away, and when we finally got there, we passed it on the way. We had to walk up the road and up a huge hill before we finally reached it; of course, it was about a hundred degrees out. I didn't take a lot of pictures inside, because my hands were covered in clay, but here are some from before we started. I decided to make a bowl, which I'm pretty pround of. We're going to get our pottery back before we go home, and it will be "perfected" by the professionals by the time we get it.

*The guy in the picture who's sitting next to Corbin is Ziv; he's one of the other students from the UK.

*The girl on the phone is actually my buddy, Sujin.

I'm going to have to upload all the days in parts, just because it won't all fit in one post. Please wait patiently!

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