Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our Intense Temple Stay

So we just got back from our one night, two day temple stay at PyoChoongSa Temple in Miryang. Like the title of this says, it was intense indeed. We got to the temple where we were shown to our rooms, and given outfits which consisted of long pants and quarter length sleeves...I was not a happy camper. Although, I was happy that they were baggy, because it helped with air flow. After changing, we took a tour around the temple, and man was I glad it was breezy. Next, we meditated, had dinner, and meditated some more. When dinner was over, we had some free time, so we walked around the temple grounds. We found a rabbit, which I befriended; I fed him/her clovers, and I even got to stroke his/her head. After that we had tea and rice cakes, and went to bed at nine. We got up at 3am and meditated, had breakfast, and went for a hike. This is where it got brutal; we started at 7am and we wound up finishing after 10am. A lot of things happened during that three hour period; enough to make it seem like the longest day of our lives. We were all thinking, "Hike? No problem, it'll be short. We'll get a little sweaty, but it'll be fine." Wrong. It was very long, and we got a lot sweaty...we encountered various problems. I almost passed out three times due to my own body heat; while crossing a stream, I fell, completely soaking my socks, shoes, and pants; and George fell about six feet off the side of the mountain. I thought my problems were bad, but George had it worse. I'm telling you, we can't go anywhere without someone getting hurt. Anyways, George fell and sprained his ankle, and so the guys had to take turns carrying him up the steep, steep mountain. At the same time, he was blacking out, and to tell the truth, the only reason why I didn't faint myself was because of all the breaks we had to take for George to rest. In a nut shell, we were miserable. When we finally made it to the top, where there was a road, we sent George off and waited for our own ride. When our ride came, with food (yay), eleven of us squeezed into one van, and rode along the mountain back to civilization. That ride was scary; the driver went too fast, and the road was the most narrow road I've ever seen. To make matters worse, the road is one way, and of course, the other van came at us head on...yeah, I had a great time. You don't even know how happy I was to finally get on the bus to go back to Dong-A. Well, I have learned a few things about our hike: I never want to walk again; I will never, ever complain about climbing the 93 steps up to the dorm; and I will never go hiking up a huge mountain again.

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