Monday, June 27, 2011

Making Tea and Being A Queen

Sorry again for not updating yesterday, I fell asleep at 10 pm! Yesterday we went to the University of Incheon where we met some more students, who took us on a tour. Unfortunately, the weather forecast was still rainy, so we saw most of the campus from the top of the school's tower. Either way, Incheon is nice and big; the campus is fairly new and it was actually built in 2009. When you look down at it, it looks like it's own little town, and it even has underground parking , as well as walkways connected to all the buildings. Of course, I forgot my camera yesterday, so sorry, no picture from the top of the tower.

After the tour, we had a meeting with President Ahn, who gave us gifts. After taking some pictures, we had lunch with the president. Funny side fact, at home, I am hungry 24/7, but here, they feed us so much, that by the time the next meal comes around, I'm still full. It's pretty funny, actually, I never thought I would be full all the time.

After lunch we went to the Korea Cultural House where we made rice cakes. It was fun because it was my first time really making something. We got to make our own rice cakes, and we made flowers to decorate them with while they cooked. Next, we had a tea ceremony, where we got to try our cakes, and served a guest our tea. This was followed by us wearing hanbok, traditional Korean costumes. I was the first to try one on, and wearing a red skirt and a yellow jacket signifies that you're a virgin, which is what I wore. After everyone got their own hanbok on, I got to become the queen. It was a lot of fun, especially since I've only seen hanbok worn on holidays and Korean dramas.

After our visit to the cultural house, we had dinner at a place called Kraze Burger. Of course, I'm not really into fast food, so it was funny because I don't eat burgers that often. Although, I was happy to finally eat a burger with an egg on it. 

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