Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Beach and Barbecue

Yay, I'm back on schedule! Today was the first day that it didn't rain here, which had me a bit worried. Lucky for me, it was sunny, but it wasn't really hot, and there was a good breeze.

We started our day off by going to EMART, a store that EunJi described as being the Korean Walmart. She was wrong. EMART is like a mall; it has two floors, a food court, and escalators. It was super nice, and huge! We met EunJi's mom, who works there, and we got to see how kimchi is made. For lunch we had Chinese in EMART, and it was completely different from Chinese food we have in America, but it was good.

After having lunch, we went to the house we are staying in, and got ready for the beach. The beach was fun, and EunJi wrote our Korean names in the sand. There was this cute little boy that kept crying and calling for his dad whenever he got into the water, which was priceless.

We eventually came back to the house, where we swam (besides Corbin, Allie, and myself). For dinner we had barbecue and Mr. Choi made each of us tell the group about ourselves in more detail. It was a good idea because before I came here, I didn't know anyone, so it was really a learning experience for everyone. The party just wound down, and now it's time for bed; I'm exhausted...until tomorrow.

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